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Flyboard most commonly know as Jetpack is a water jet pack that goes on your feet! Surf the sky! Swim like a dolphin! This awesome jetpack like device bolts on to the powerful motor of a jet ski, then routes the resulting water jet through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots. The arrangement lets you fly, Iron man Style! Flyboard is an amphibious water-powered jet pack that propels you into the sky or underwater!

starting at $150
  • Guaranteed to fly!
  • Lesson included
  • Safety equipment provided
  • free parking, lockers & shower


Flyboard is a very fun, easy and safe activity for kids and adults of all ages. Get a taste of flyboarding for 30 minutes or experience the whole thrill for an hour!

None of our bookings are refundable. We reserve the right to reschedule upon weather condition.
Miami Jetpack

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We hope you sail with us soon!

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